Performance Consultants is the global pioneer of creating transformational leaders and managers through coaching, leadership development and emotionally intelligent change management.

Coaching is an effective path from organizational hierarchy to self-responsibility. It is timeless – and it is global. Through coaching, we can help any company forge new methods of management thinking and infuse its employees with optimism and self-belief so they can attain greater levels of performance.

The relationship between companies and individuals is evolving. Successful organizations are firmly centred on the wants and needs of the individual – to fulfil their potential and to do something meaningful. We facilitate new mindsets and behaviours at all levels of an organization, accelerating group achievement by unlocking potential, through redesigning internal relationships and management styles. This systemic change delivers an engaging and fulfilling working environment that is fully aligned with business strategy.

Performance Consultants partners with our clients to tap into the latent power of their people and create a culture that places awareness and responsibility at the heart of the organization. Through its cutting-edge, highly acclaimed workshops, Performance Consultants is the go-to company for performance improvement and employee engagement in organizations.

Performance Consultants was co-founded by Sir John Whitmore, the pioneer of coaching in the workplace, author of bestselling Coaching for Performance and co-creator of the GROW Model. We have more than 35 years’ experience of delivering in-person workshops and online learning. Our clients have consistently named us the “most recommended programme” for their management and employees.

We work with clients in 40 countries and 23 languages.

Sir John Whitmore performance coaching pioneer and Co-founder of Performance Consultants International

Sir John Whitmore

Co-­founder, Performance Consultants

“Coaching is much bigger than coaching. It is a way of being that the whole world needs to get to – where the core theme is compassion for all people and caring for all of nature and for our only home.”